For Nick Kolkman the Salt Lake City area has been home his whole life.  From chasing dreams in the Wasatch mountains to the Utah deserts, his business is built on passion for what he does. Inspired by Utah's culture and landscape, Nick is always developing his appreciation for quality, service to his clients, and commitment to make every deal a win-win relationship.  Chasing dreams and success with passion is what has built this young man's business philosophy.  

From a national championship snowboarding career to professional racing at a young age, his experience has taken him all over the map, while studying business management, marketing and customer relations. The culmination of his success is real estate business where helping people to achieve their own dreams and passions of owning their dream home inspires Nick to work on behalf of his friends and clients.  

With years of experience in sales, team management, social marketing, craftsmanship and fabrication, Nick's goal is to create a working relationship where the needs of his clients are first and foremost. Negotiation is one of Nick's strong suits and a key component to getting you the best price for a home. With an appreciation for design and commitment to quality, Nick ensures that each home is up to the standards of his clients and will go far and beyond to make sure each relationship is treated with the highest level of respect and care.  The relationship doesn't end at closing for Nick.  Continued service and attention to make sure any home-related needs of his clients are always taken care of.