10 Things You Didn't Know About Utah

1. Most restaurants in Utah have a license that requires food to be on the table before alcohol can be served.

2. Gambling is prohibited by Utah’s government. As a result, there are no (legal) casinos in the state.

3. Utah granted women the right to vote back in 1870, 50 years before Congress ratified the 19th Amendment.

4. There are steakhouses, and then there are stake houses. Both exist in Utah! One is for munching, and the other is for meeting. However, neither is exclusive to the other.

5. Utah is home of Fry Sauce (ketchup and mayonnaise).

6. Television inventor, Philo T. Farnsworth, was born in Utah. 

7. The snow in the Utah really is "The Best Snow on Earth". It’s been verified, depending on who you talk to, that Utah has the perfect combination of powder, salt, density, and everything in-between. No wonder skiing is so popular!

8. The Kennecott Bingham Canyon Copper Mine is the deepest open-pit mine in the world. At nearly a mile deep and 2.5 miles wide, it takes a truck two hours to drive from the bottom of the mine to the top. You can also see it from space!

9. Rainbow Bridge is the world’s largest natural rock span, carved out of solid sandstone. It stands at 309 feet tall and 278 feet wide. That's roughly the size of the Statue of Liberty!

10. In the 1930's after Utah was hit with the Dust Bowl, Utah Lake dried up. So much so, in fact, that in1935, two fighters named Andy Anderson and Dave Williamson were able to stage a mock boxing match on what would have been the middle of the lake floor. That same day, the men safely walked from Pleasant Grove to the other side of the lake.

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