In the Rearview - 2017

2017 was a crazy year for us.

Being new and innovative means change.
Change means you have to be better.
When you get better, you better get better...
... and we have!

We grew like non other, Kris Bowen Real Estate merged with Adams Family Real Estate, and now Bowen Adams Real Estate is hitting the streets hard.

Our mantra changed this year as well. We recently introduced our new marketing campaign:


We believe that whether you're a Real Estate Agent, or a home buyer/seller looking to shake up your life with some changes, that you deserve to #LiveFearlessly.

With that said, LET'S HIT 2018 FEARLESSLY.

Here's our story from last year:

What Happened in 2017:

- We fed 800 families through our associated charity, Thanksgiving's Heroes.
- We were highlighted in the news 3 times!
- We were highlighted in a newspaper 4 times!
- We won more than 5 awards!
- We helped our clients get into a home 100+ times.
- We raised our total real estate sale value from 175 million to 250 million. (CRAZY!)
- We grew from 4 agents to 15 agents.
- We opened an office St. George
- And more!

We're excited to share #2k18 with you this year!
Let's do this! :)

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