Our Utah Awards ??

Our Utah Awards ??

We've been awarded every year since 2014 and plan on receiving more ever year for the next little while. Here's our current inventory of awards:

Above: (From Right to Left)
1. #1 Sales Team 2015, Awarded to the Kris Bowen Team || 2. Small Sales Team of the Year Award 2014, Awarded to the Kris Bowen Real estate Team || 3. The President's Award 2015, Awarded to Rob & Courtney Adams || 4. The Emerald Award 2013, Awarded to Rob Adams || 5. The Select Group Award 2015, Awarded to Rob & Courtney Adams || 6. National Academy of Best-Sellers Award/Best Seller's Quill 2015, Awarded to Kris Bowen (Top Dollar) || 7. Master's Award 2016, Awarded to Kris Bowen || 8. Centurion Producer Award 2014, Rob & Courtney Adams || 9. The RainMaker Award 2013 & 2014, Awarded to Kris Bowen || 10. The Top Team Volume Award 2016, Awarded to the Kris Bowen Team || 11. The Master's Award 2015, Awarded to Kris Bowen || 12. #1 Top Team 2014, Awarded to Kris Bowen

Even though we've won awards as Kris Bowen Real Estate, we want to ensure that nothing's changed. Back in 2017, Kris Bowen Real Estate took a turn for the better and merged with Adams Family Realty to leave a new legacy as Bowen Adams, LLC. (Bowen Adams Real Estate)

Our current real estate brokerage, Keller Williams South Valley, will be handing out 2017 awards this upcoming April, and we're almost positive we have a good hold on some of the most prestigious awards. That means that our next round of awards will be awarded to Bowen Adams Real Estate. Yay!
(We'll keep you updated.)

As much as we love being awarded, however, it's not the reason we're in the business. Awards are more of an aftermath that we put up on our shelves and forget about. We're in the business to help people with their real estate transactions. Period. 2018 is going to be an awesome year for us. We've got some amazing goals lined up! For example, we're going to help over 300 families/individuals get into a home this year. We're also going to feed over 12,000 people this year on Thanksgiving. (ThanksgivingsHeroes.com)


 We were just recently awarded with the "Good Neighbor Award" from the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®! We won this award due to our charity, Thanksgiving's Heroes!

Even though Real Estate is important to us, giving back is even more important. "If you climb the ladder of life without looking back every once in a while to help others up, you're no leader." -Unknown

Don't believe that we're obsessed with helping people with their real estate needs? We would like to direct you to THIS PAGE.

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