Project Restoring Hope

Being desperate for help is something that happens to all of us occasionally. Whether we need help with a small project, or selling a home we're upside down in.

Eric Ewing was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer.
His wife, Ilene, and their family were renting out a home in Utah, which was being abused and costing them a significant amount of money. The medical bills were overwhelming, the finances were upside down, and the family, as it seemed, was in trouble.

Not fun.

At this point, they were left with two options: foreclosing their house, or bringing in over $10,000 to sell the home as is. Asking for help is one of those things that nobody likes doing, but they reached out to their friend and home-selling advisor, Kris Bowen, and here's what happened:

You can go to their newest GoFundMe page here.

Kris set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for materials in rehabilitating their home. With the help of dozens of volunteers, we were able to fix up the house and put it on the market. After one week, there were three full-priced offers. It sold one month later. The Ewings ended up with over $50,000 because of all the help!

Helping Eric and Ilene through their hardships was a venture that we took personally. The volunteers and help we received was something special, and it really touched our team; and we want to go out and continue this kind of work. We also came to realize that this family was one of many that are in desperate need...

Welcome: Project Restoring Hope

This project is just for people like Eric and Ilene. It exists to meet the needs of Utah people who are in a circumstance that does not financially allow them to improve their living situation when necessary. 

Just like the Ewings, we can find people who are in really tough situations, and we can help them out.

If you know somebody who needs this kind of help, don't wait. Go check out our Project Restoring Hope page, send in an application, and we'll take a look into their situation.

We're changing the world one family at a time. Let's make miracles happen together.

Come join us. We're also looking for volunteers to help out with repairs that may need to be made on a home. Contact Kris Bowen here if you're interested!

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