RED DAY 2017

One of our team's pillars of fulfillment if you would, is charity. Our very own Rob Adams has his own charity project called "Thanksgiving Superheros". It's a super cool project, and one you should totally check out! Our own team also has "Restoring Hope". This project is similar to Keller Williams's Red Day!

So what is Red Day?

Red Day takes place one day every year. Keller William's coordinates a group of volunteers to go and work on somebody's house who needs it desperately. In this scenario, the family we were helping adopted two kids from the Philippines, and one has no arms or legs! What's better than spending one whole day building this family a shed, putting together a playground, digging a hole for their trampoline, planting flowers, building a garden, fixing their chicken coop, and mowing and trimming up their lawn?

Here's the gallery of pictures for you to see! ??

Isn't this awesome?
You can find some of the videos and Live feed from our Facebook Page.

You can also see more about Red Day here.

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