SEGO Homes and Bowen Adams Real Estate have Teamed Up!

We have an AWESOME announcement to make! Bowen Adams Real Estate has teamed up with SEGO Homes in Daybreak Utah! We are so excited to be working with a hard working group whose mission is to make sure you find your dream townhome. Yes. SEGO Homes specialize in making customizable townhomes for their clients. There are so many options that you can choose from to create the townhome that's right for you!


One of the BIGGEST reasons to consider buying a SEGO Home is the fantastic team behind each one of their townhomes. The team is dedicated to making sure that your needs are fulfilled when buying a home, and want to make the process as easy as possible. With the Bowen Adams Real Estate team by their side, you can bet that that process will be made a lot easier as well! Sego Homes, believe that their buyers deserve a home that is HEALTHY, GREEN, AND SMART. "With these priorities in mind, we focus on creating homes that are healthier for you and your family, healthier for the environment, homes that save you money by being less expensive to heat and cool, and are equipped with the latest technology in connectivity and conveniences" (

Check out this video of Rob Adams talking with Parry Harrison talking about why SEGO Homes is superior to other town homes, and why THEIR townhomes are the best!


Like we said early, what makes SEGO Homes special from other townhomes are those three words: healthy, green, and smart. Your home will have clean air in the home, energy efficient components, and Smart Home Technology that makes your living space feel super modern. 

For more information go for a more in-depth review on the features of SEGO Homes. 

You can also listen to this interview by Rob Adams and Nick Kolkman, both agents for Bowen Adams Real Estate, talking about the amazing features included in every SEGO Home.


Go check out YOUR future townhome! SEGO Homes are doing what no other company is doing for their clients, and that is creating townhomes that clients can customize to their satisfaction.They have lots of options when it comes to the builds of their townhome and there is always going to be one that is right for you!

For more information call 801-999-8005 and we would love to show you around SEGO Homes and figure out what we can do to get you your new amazing SEGO Home. 

Feel free to check out the gallery of photos at and also listen to the full interview that Rob Adams had with Parry Harrison of SEGO Homes!

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