The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

Have you ever loved where you work so much that you don't mind waking up early to go into the office for a meeting or to even stay late just to hang out with your co-workers? Have you ever enjoyed where you work SO much, that it's not a problem to stop whatever you're doing just so you can play a game or two of ping-pong?

That's our office.

Located right on SoDa Row in the amazing Daybreak community lies a Keller Williams Daybreak office. Within that office lies the Kris Bowen Real Estate team. We just had our Grand Opening party to celebrate the merger between the two super-powers, and IT WAS PHENOMENAL. 

We had over 200 Daybreak residents / clients / past clients/ friends / family /  come out to help us celebrate the move. We'll leave it on the note that many people are jealous of our neighborhood.

We're always looking for new members to come and join the cause.
If you're a Real Estate Agent, you know that swimming the crafty waters of the real estate market isn't always fun. Wouldn't you want a team to assist in holding the sails? Wouldn't you want a team to hold you accountable and to help you grow? If so, then you've found the right place.

Come by our office, or give us a call. (801-999-8005) We're always looking for motivated people to jump right in and make things happen. We're a freight train rolling towards success. I think it's time for you to join us!

Let's slay some dragons together, eh?

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