Use These Colors, and LOSE Money

Did you know that the colors in various rooms in your home could either increase or decrease the value of your home by over $1000? Crazy right!

Zillow put out a press release showcasing data to prove that particular colors have positive and negative effects when it comes to the price of your home when you decide to sell it. 

With that being said, here are 4 colors that will decrease the value of your home.

Off White:

Most often found in the kitchen, losing $82 isn't going to ruin you, but it goes to show that this is still not a popular color for those who are looking to buy your home. 

Dark Brown:

Homes with dark brown colors can cost you anywhere from $200-500! Zillow found that this color was typically found in the bathroom and bedrooms of homes. 


This color was typically seen in the living rooms of homes. You might want to consider re-painting since you could be losing almost $800!

Slate Gray 

This color could make or BREAK it for potential buyers and the price of your home. Dining room walls with this dark slate gray color could have you lose around $1,162, whereas if it was a light gray color you could gain around $1,100!

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