We Have Found The Adventure and Community You Were Looking For

There are some places here in Utah that really speak ADVENTURE  and COMMUNITY!
Park City is one of those places that speaks "adventure and a vibrant night-life."
Bountiful might be one of those places that speaks "community, and family."

Have you been able to find both, though?

We have! Our office is located right in the middle of it, actually.
Have you ever heard of DAYBREAK? It's located on the east side of South Jordan, and it's gorgeous.

Whether you want to ride your bike, longboard, scooter, or just walk, you can get around this wonderful community easily. There are trails located all throughout the area, and you'll find all sorts of goodies along the way!
There are 3+ parks, a giant lake (with an island you can live on!), new era jungle gyms, and all sorts of other modern amenities! (With more to come!)

Not convinced? Here's Daybreak's list of goodies.

What about the community? We're glad you asked. There are events YEAR-ROUND. Multiple events ever month, even!

Community yard sales, Car shows, Easter egg hunts, Spring, Halloween and December Festivals, etc. You will always find something to do around here. Summer time is always packed, too! (Concerts Ga-Lore!)
By the way, thousands of people from the community go to these events.

There's a bunch of schools here, too! American Academy of Innovation, Daybreak Elementary, Eastlake Elementary, and more!

With that said, when are you moving in?

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